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April 18, 2009




Nathan D

Interestingly, I have come across a few folks of late who see "Product Managers" as merely being in the way -- usually it's someone with "marketing" or "business development" in their title who thinks this. I think you are absolutely correct, and most folks who carry "Product" in their titles would do well to hear you.

jeff reine

Thanks, Nathan. Feel free to retweet

Jim Hirshfield

I don't think this is a realistic take on the start-up scene. If you're talking about an early-stage company with 6 to 12 employees, there's no way that each of the above mentioned responsibilities can be handled by distinct people. Hence, one person gets to carry all or many of these responsibilities - all of which *develop the business*

As a company grows, I agree that responsibilities should be doled out as you state.

jeff reine

Thanks for your thoughts, Jim! I agree, one person is often tasked with many of those responsibilities, and that person should probably 'own' product (or at least be hyper aligned with it). If a SmallCo has to acquire content, audience and sales all via high touch negotiation then it sounds like a relationship and not product-driven business... and therefore should be resourced appropriately.

My argument gets semantic (zemantic?) at the edge as it's really about clarifying communication, but at its core seeks to make sure that 'biz dev' is properly defined by its constituent parts.

Nice to meet you and thanks for reading!

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