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November 19, 2009


jeff reine

oh ginevra you say that to all the posts

jeff reine

geesh... i should complement TP all the time! gotta keep racking up the Faves...

Don Nunn

I love it. Would be nice if you could control the entry link format too, but that would kinda shoot down the speedy/immediate nature of the micro-posting style.

Maybe they set the micro posts to use the first, say, 7 words max of the body text as the entry link?

jeff reine

@Don - i'm with you. there is this fine line between feature creep in Micro and using the full TP... I am sure the TP team is thinking about that. Personally I love to read and react but would still take the time to customize my "title" for social syndication. I want my friends (FB) and followers (Tw) to click on the link, so title customization is key. It could even be done after the post in a little litebox even.

The other question is optimizing for the length of the post. It's clearly 141 < x < a paragraph. Even the post above is actually "too long" for the Micro format. The posting field didn't auto resize so I had to scroll down and couldn't really see what I was doing.

So fun to play with new toys :)

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