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January 28, 2011


Jack Purcher

Please provide your email address (either your private email or the one related to your new post at TypePad). I've tried to reach you and I'm unable to. Thanks

jeff reine

What's up, Jack?

Jack Purcher

Hi Jeff,

I'm having a problem trying to get my site design updated with Six Apart. The request was put in November and your team ignores my honest requests for someone to please explain what's going on. There's some politics at play here and I don't appreciate that in the least.

If you're the new leader at TypePad, then please lead by helping a customer finally get some respect and action! All I want is my site to have a simple redesign. The ball is now in your court Jeff. If you need more info on who I am, look up my TypePad Patently Apple account.

Jack P.

jeff reine

I'm on it, Jack.

Jack Purcher

Okay, three days later and what have you come up with Jeff?

I know you have a lot on your plate, but I've been a marketing manager and in sales for a decade. So I think I understand that to simply communicate with a customer doesn't take 3 days. I'm not asking you to do the work, just tell me why the delay?

I hope to hear from you soon Jeff.

Jack P.
Patently Apple
TypePad Blogger

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